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The DLR Foundation has a mission of providing aid to volatile populations. The non-profit offers STEM Education to the community at large, to create a STEM Career pipeline and pathway for kids specifically in the areas of Technology, Natural Science, Health & Wellness, Performing Arts in addition to Swimming, Water, Safety and Education.

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The DLR Foundation offers water safety education, provides resources for families to receive swimming education via classes and families register and receive vouchers for swimming classes and water safety education for all ages.

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Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is offered to youth with a mission of increasing the number of STEM careers occupied by underrepresented populations.  The foundation works tirelessly to create a STEM career pipeline via exposure, engagement then immersion.  Programming takes place in-person and virtually.
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Health & Wellness education via programming through seminars and hands-on workshops provides information to improve the quality of life.  Programming teaches the public the importance of embracing a healthy diet in conjunction with a fitness regimen.

**The DLR Foundation was founded in the memory of Darryl Lovett Rolle a young computer analyst who drowned in 1989.  The foundation will continue to reduce the number of drowning victims, while educating the community in the areas he thrived in including technology, marine science, oceanography, zoology, culinary arts, music, health & wellness and computer science.

Donation Address: DLR Foundation
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                                Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
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