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To expose students grades VPK-12 to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education to create a career pathway in the area, via community programming as well as curriculum and instruction at school sites. Educating your young explorers, are you ready for the voyage?

NASA trained professionals specializing in STEM Birthday Parties, Camps, Consulting, Curriculum Writing, Career Pathway Mentoring, Afterschool Programming, STEM Festivals, and Events.  All instructors and facilitators are degreed in a STEM area with either a Bachelors, Masters, Specialist or Doctoral degree, with administration holding State of Florida certifications in Educational Leadership.



Curriculum Writing

School Workshops

STEM Events

Professional Development Activities
Aftercare Programs


Career Mentoring & Advising

Birthday Parties

Educating your young explorers.......                             
                     Are you ready for the voyage?

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